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Understanding Premium billing

Premium billing (formerly Pay As You Go billing) is usage-based, meaning that you will only be charged for sites that you have in your dashboard. It differs from plan-based billing where you would pay for a set number of sites and be charged for all of them (wether or not you were actually using all the sites).

Premium fees are calculated as follows:

  • Count the number of sites in your dashboard each day.
  • At the end of the billing period, add all the days together. This is your total site days for the month.
  • Multiply all the site days by the daily, per-site rate. 

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Why does my Premium bill keep changing?

Your invoice will vary month-to-month for two reasons:

  1. Every site added or removed affects the total number of site days for that month. 
  2. The number of days in each month varies affects the total number of site days for that month.