Main Support

What updates are supported by Watchful?

Watchful can update a growing list of updates for over 1000 supported packages including:

  • Core Joomla files  — Starting at Joomla 2.5 and including Joomla 3 and beyond. 
  • Free Joomla add-ons — Any free update listed in the Joomla backend updater including:
    • components
    • modules
    • plugins
    • language packs
    • frameworks
  • Paid Joomla add-ons — All of the most popular extension suites such as those from:
    • ACL Manager
    • Akeeba
    • Chill Creations
    • ChronoEngine
    • Compojoom
    • JCH Optimize
    • JCE
    • NoNumber
  • All other add-ons — Any extension not natively supported can be updated with a normal Joomla installer package using the Remote Installer feature.

The videos below demonstrates how these updates are applied.