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How to backup a site in Watchful

Automatic backup

Before reviewing the instructions below, please take a moment to review this overview of the Backup feature:



To setup an automatic backup:

1) go to your watchful dashboard, select the website you want to set a automatic backup for
2) select "Edit Site" and in the edit page, scroll down at "Backup" section
3) From there you can chose how you want your website to backupped: daily, weekly or monthly at the specified day and time.

Manual add to queue

From the dashboard, you can manually add one or more site to the backup queue. This adds them directly to the "tostart" queue, so it's then processed like an automatic backup.

So you can do that by:

1) Go to your watchful dashboard.
2) Select the websites you want to add in backup queue.
3) After you have selected the websites, click on "Add to backup queue" button in the toolbar.

Manual backup

Go to your watchful dashboard

1) click on the website name you want to backup,
2) click on "Start Backup" button, using that option you will run an interactive backup. This does not involve the backup queue.