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MageBridge Health

Monitor your MageBridge connection with Magento

This App works with the Watchful service and checks whether the MageBridge API that runs between Joomla! and Magento is up and running and functional. First of all, it checks whether the bridge itself is offline or not - either through setting or through a problem in Magento. Next, it also checks the MageBridge version in Magento and the MageBridge version in Joomla! which should match. If the versions do not match this could lead to issues as well. The plugin allows you to run your bridged shop while Watchfulli guarantees it is operational!

Simply install this App using the standard Joomla installer on every site that runs MageBridge, publish the app in the plugin manager. Be sure the site(s) on which you install this app has been added to your Watchful Dashboard and properly validated.

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