About Watchful. The flexible website dashboard

Create value and confidence by providing solutions for safely managing websites for professionals

Watchful is the only full-featured, remote management tool for Joomla that makes it fast and easy to perform remote backups and updates for both free and commercial add-ons. With integrated monitoring, activity logging, and remote add-on installation, Watchful is an essential tool for all Joomla professionals.

Why choose Watchful?

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Victor Victor LinkedIn

Co-founder and CEO

Founder of Treefla.me

Love: rudby, technology, travel, food.

PA Pierre-André LinkedIn

Co-founder, CTO

Co-founder of inetis.ch

Love: pastry, singing, the sound of footsteps in snow.

David David LinkedIn

Co-founder and CDO

Co-founder of inetis.ch

Love: design, photography, ad, movies.

Christophe Christophe

Junior Web Developper

Love: airplane modelism, astronomy, new technologies.

florent Florent

Junior Web Developper

Love: video game, piano, chocolat and computer.

ron Ron

Customer Service

Love: camping, fishing, canoeing, ... stress free websites.

Vali Valentin

Technical Support

Love: cars, finding bugs, Joomla!

Francesco Francesco

Senior Web Developper

Founder of yegod.it

Love: run, hang out with friends, be part of Watchful ;-)

Yan Yan

Junior Web Developper

Love: walk barefoot in the grass, rain, baby-foot.