Time to move those HTPASSWD credentials out of your URL

For many years, private sites — those protected with basic authentication, a.k.a. htpasswd — could be managed in Watchful by simply embedding the basic authentication credentials in the site and administrator url fields. For example:

user:password @ domain.com

However, this did not allow uptime monitoring of protected sites. As a result, we baked in support for collecting the basic authentication credentials specifically for improved uptime monitoring and redesigned our Site Add/Edit screen to accomodate these new fields.

We have now expanded the use of these new fields to include connecting to and managing private sites. In other words, the basic authentication credentials can be completely removed from the site/administrator url fields and moved to the dedicated htpasswd username/fields. 

Embedding the credentials in the URL will continue to work for connecting to private sites, but the the dedicated htpasswd fields also give uptime monitoring support. As such, we've updated our official documentation to reflect the recommended way to manage private sites in Watchful.

support htpasswd credentials