As most IT professionals know, coffee and other caffeinated beverages are the key to running a successful agency. Running out of coffee supplies, especially the coffee itself, is thus a serious problem that happens all too often in offices around the world.

Unfortunately, most offices continue to use an analog caffeine delivery system which lacks the ability to monitor coffee supply levels. However, with the growing popularity of digital, pod-based coffee machines, we decided to apply our website monitoring technology to solve the problem of unexpected coffee outages. 

New partnership with Nespresso

After months of highly confidential research and development, today we are proud to announce a new corporate partnership with Nestlé Group, makers of the Nespresso coffee system. 

Nestlé Group is located in Lausanne, Switzerland — just 10 km from the Watchful European headquarters — and provides “on demand” solutions for nervousness and fatigue. Since Watchful relieves some of these same corporate ailments, both the geographic and business alignments were ideal.

As a result of this symmetry and lots of hard work, we have today released a new Coffee App for Watchful to let you know when your Nespresso supplies need attention. 

Additional Devices

Our market research and feedback from our beta testers indicate that 100% uptime of your caffeine-delivery device is one of the most important priorities for any office or agency. Thus, we are currently working with other popular brands such as Keurig to help get our update technology into as many offices as possible.

Nespresso and Watchul – a powerful combination

Nespresso is a popular caffeine delivery choice in many web agencies. For example, our colleagues at are well-known web developers and long-time users of both Nespresso and Watchful. 

As the largest Joomla agency on the planet, RedWeb CEO Ronni Christiansen had this to say about todays announcement:

“We love Watchful; it saves us so much time updating our websites. But to be honest, this new addition puts it out of the park. With our high-end, multi-dispenser, automated Nespresso Pro solution – all we really wanted was to be able to monitor it and automate it. And now we can, thanks to Watchful.”

Setting up coffee notifications 

  1. Download and Install the Coffee App. The app can be installed using the Joomla Installer or using the Watchful Remote Installer and the following URL
  2. Configure the Watchful App in your Joomla backend to include the serial number from your Nespresso device. If you do not currently have a Nespresso device, use the following TEST serial number:

  1. (optional) Specify the total number of cups per day for your office. If this number is exceeded and the Block update parameter is set to Yes, you will not be notified about your coffee supply levels until consumption drops back to acceptable levels. 

  2. Set the App status to Enabled, then select Save and Close.  

What else is brewing?

We are constantly adding new features and improving existing workflows here at Watchful. If you want to see what we have currently brewing, check out the latest update from the Watchful laboratory.

You deserve a coffee break!

As a Watchful user, we know you have lots of free time these days to enjoy a coffee break while your websites update. And with our new Coffee App, you can be sure that your favorite beverage will be waiting for you when you head to the break room. Enjoy!

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