Today we are thrilled to announce that the entire Watchful service has been localized for use by Italian-speaking Joomla users around the world.

To use Watchful in Italian, simply click the IT button at the top-right or visit

In addition to the public areas of the website, the Dashboard and support areas have also been translated.

This means that the entire user experience from opening a trial account, upgrading to a paid plan and requesting technical support can be performed natively in Italian.

To ensure the best possible experience, Watchful employs local members of the Italian Joomla community for both translation and native-language support.

Hello World

Watchful is committed to meeting the needs of Joomla users on their own terms and localization is an important part of meeting that goal.

With the addition of Italian, Watchful now supports a total of 4 languages.

Other languages are in progress and will be released as they become available.

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