Here at Watchful, our goal is to save you time and money (as much as $650 per year on every site).

But, we have extra goodies for you too. We’ve got some free Watchful stickers to send your way!

Watchful stickers

Here’s one of those stickers in action on my laptop:

How to get Watchful stickers

To get your stickers, log in to the Watchful dashboard and open a support ticket. Include your full mailing address in the message, and we’ll send them out ASAP.

Thank you for trusting us to be your website maintenance partner and happy Watching!

Open your free Watchful account

Watchful is a free website dashboard for digital agencies. Open your account today and learn how much time you’ll save managing your site backups, updates, and security with Watchful. No credit card is required and there is no long-term commitment.

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