When Joomla 3.5 launched, one of the new features highlighted in the release announcement was email notifications for Joomla updates.

This feature is an excellent way to raise awareness of security and maintenance issues for Joomla website owners.

However, if you are a Joomla professional managing 10s or hundreds of sites, your inbox can be quickly filled with these notices. The problem is compounded if you are using Watchful to manage your sites. For nearly 4 years, Watchful customers have been receiving notification emails for core Joomla updates as well as Joomla extension update notifications for which we maintain the largest database on the planet (even larger than the official extension directory at!).

Thus, we’ve received many requests to help folks disable Joomla’s core update notification emails across all their sites. While disabling Joomla update notifications for one site is as easy as disabling a plugin in the Joomla backend, this is a tedious process when you have 10s or 100s of sites to manage.

To solve this problem, we created a little script that can be used on all your Joomla 3.5+ sites at once with Watchful’s Remote Installer

Simply download the script, select the sites you want to disable notifications for, and apply the script using the Remote Installer. The script will then disable the Joomla Update Notification system plugin on all the selected sites.

Detailed instructions to use the script are found below. Enjoy!

Instructions for disabling the Joomla Update Notification system plugin

  • Download the No Notifications script
  • Select all your Joomla 3.5+ sites in your Watchful Dashboard
  • Click the Install button in the top toolbar
  • Select the File Uploader or Dropbox button at the top-left and select the script you downloaded above
  • Click the Install All button and wait for the process to complete

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