Congratulations to our gift recipients

To celebrate our first birthday, we put together gift baskets for our existing customers who completed a survey and gift recipients were randomly selected from the submissions. Thank-you to everyone who filled out the survey!

Without further ado, the winners are …

Congratulations to our gift recipients from around the world! We'll be contacting you by email with details.

  • Sanne S — Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nonumber Bundle
  • Alexander P  — Hammelburg, Germany, Nonumber Bundle
  • Stephan H — Noumea, France, Akeeba Deluxe
  • Ian S — Epping, Australia, Akeeba Backup
  • Javier G — Madrid, Spain, Akeeba Backup
  • Timothy W — Camden, Australia, Akeeba Essentials
  • Matt F — Austin, United States, Akeeba Essentials
  • Sara H — Dorchester, United Kingdom, Rockettheme Club
  • Name Withheld — Hindelbank, Switzerland, Rockettheme Club
  • Name Withheld — York Springs, United States, Rockettheme Club
  • Richard S — Tehachapi, United States, ACL Manager
  • Parvez A — Puchong, Malaysia, ACL Manager
  • Zach R — Saumur, France, ACL Manager
  • Eigil L — Aabenraa, Denmark, ACL Manager
  • Erwin H — Fuquay Varina United States ACL Manager

Thank you to our Watchful friends

As you can see above, our colleagues were very generous! The basket includes commercial Joomla software from vendors who have worked to make their remote updates compatible with Watchful including NoNumber, Akeeba, RocketTheme and ACL Manager. 

ACL Manager

ACL ManagerACL Manager is critical for anyone looking to control and manage the powerful, yet very complicated permissions system in Joomla. With it's innovative interface and helpful tools, ACL Manager is a must for any Joomla website with more then one user.


Akeeba BackupAs a perennial pick on every “top extension” list, and repeated J!OSCAR winner, Akeeba Backup is the flagship product in a suite of extensions that continue to impress. 

Akeeba Backup — in particular the PRO version — is a must have for every site and supports a plethora of on-site and off-site backup configurations and even allows for site-to-site migrations and cloning. 

Check out Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools and all the hot extensions from one of the most influential developers in the Joomla ecosystem at



Let’s just say it clearly: NoNumber is so clever, he’s almost single-handedly made regular expressions “cool”, and has made a living from them at the same time!

The NoNumber suite of Joomla widgets such as Advanced Module Manager and ReReplacer are commonplace on a great many websites and have the ability to turn a boring, database-driven website into a dynamic and exciting experience. Regular expressions FTW!



The oldest, largest and perhaps best-known template club for Joomla is Rockettheme. We are big fans of their work, and love that they have a flexible, feature-rich template framework called Gantry that is free for the community to use, along with lots of free goodies like responsive templates and a number of Joomla widgets. And by the way, their support is kinda fantastic!